How We Got Started
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How We Got Started
Once upon a time I had an idea. An idea that gorgeous flowers from weddings and other large events were going to waste after beautifying just one event. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Something Borrowed Floral Decor was born. Flowers were repurposed from weddings for baby showers, bridal showers, restaurants and more. I met people in the event industry, learned about arranging flowers and talked with people about their floral needs, but mostly listened; listened to what clients wanted. 

Most people requested something simple and cost effective, or "just" wanted the hydrangeas out of the beautiful, detailed arrangements that were being repurposed. A new look started in the new year (2018) and I decided to run with a new concept called The Fluffy Flower.

It's been exciting to continue creating flower arrangements for showers/parties and restaurants, but The Fluffy Flower has opened new doors to large corporate events, galas, and even events in other cities!

Occasionally we still get flowers from previous events like good ol' times, but The Fluffy Flower uses fresh, new hydrangeas as the base of each arrangement. Additional flowers and greens can be added if desired.

We are based in Houston, but have stylists in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago and Denver. Let us know if you or someone you know is looking for flowers for your next event. And if you are crafty or have a knack for arranging flowers, contact us to be the next Fluffy Flower stylist in a new city.